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    Part No.TJ 7.5
    Rated300V 20A
    Wire RangeAWG 12-24
    Safety Approval

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Part No.TJ 7.5
Rated300V 20A
Wire RangeAWG 12-24
Safety Approval

  • AMPHENOL Anytek 
  • Warranty 360days
  • Hi-tech HK Electronics Co. , Ltd  Professional Agent Distribution, Enitec Circuit Board terminal

    ENNETEC ANYTEK is a professional manufacturer of terminals, round holes, IC feet and connectors. Its products sell well in Europe, America, Taiwan and the mainland. The main products can completely replace the Dingyang, Phoenix, welcome to request the type table and the brand comparison table.

    ENNETEC products:

    1. Printed Circuit Board terminals: Lift, snap and snap

    2. pluggable printed circuit board terminals

    3. American Gauge Terminal Barrier Strips round hole Pin series screw machined pins round hole IC corner holder, PLCC / IC corner holder, calculator and communication products

    PC board terminals use special probes like Machined pins, PGA & IC SOCKETS, PLCC socket, PC board connectors, cell phones, Pogo Pin, other communications, computers, consumer electronics related connectors.

    Eniatek is mainly used for:

    1. Electronics Industry: Line Protection Devices, power communication modules, power meters, etc. .

    2. Security Industry: Access Control Terminal, camera, VCR, video encoder, monitoring systems, transmission lines.

    3. Elevator Industry: Elevator Main Control panel, open door in advance control panel, etc. .

    4. Industrial Control Industry: Solar Intelligent Controller, temperature controller, driver, inverter transformer and other components.

    5. TRACK INDUSTRY: Intelligent Monitoring System, intelligent measurement and control system.

    6. Lighting: Electronic Stabilizers, smart meters, etc. .

    Shrapnel terminal block:
    TA-5.0 (single card slot) TA-5.0 (double card slot) VA-5.08 (single card slot) VA-7.5 (single card slot)
    TB-5.0 (double card slot) TB-5.08 (single card slot)
    TC-5.0 (single card slot) TC-5.0 (double card slot) TC-5.0 (single card slot / high temperature resistance) TC-5.0 (single card slot / integrated)
    TC-5.08 (dual card slot) TD-5.0 (dual card slot) TE-3.5 TE-3.5 (integrated)
    T5-3.5 TF3.5 T3-5.0 (dual card slot) T3-5.0 (180D integrated) T3-5.0-90D
    T4-5.0 (integrated) T4-5.0 (through type) TK5.0
    A4: TL-5.0 (integrated) T4-7.5 TQ-5.0 (integrated) VY-5.0 (high temperature resistance) VY-5.0 T9-5.08 TR-3.81-180D
    TR-5.0-180D TR-5.0-90D TR-7.5-90D TR-10.0-180D TR-10.0-90D KH-6.35-180D
    KH-7.62-180D KH-7.62-90D EN-12.5

    Lifting terminal block:
    VN-2.54 (integrated) ER-3.5 TV-3.5 TV-3.81 VQ-3.5 (welded / integrated) VQ-3.81 (welded / integrated)
    VQ-3.81 (crimped / integrated) VQ-3.5 (crimped / integrated)
    ED-3.81 YO-3.5 (first layer / integrated) YO-3.81 (first layer / integrated) YP-3.5 (second layer / integrated)
    YP-3.81 (second layer / integrated) YQ-3.5-left (YO + YP) YQ-3.5-right (YO + YP) YQ-3.81-left (YO + YP)
    YQ-3.81-right (YO + YP) YA-3.81 (integrated) YA-3.5 (stitched) YA-3.81 (stitched) TG-5.0 (integrated)
    TG-5.0 (long card slot) TG-5.08 (long card slot) T2-5.0
    T2-5.0 (integrated) T2-5.08 (integrated) TP-5.0 TP-5.0 (integrated) TP-5.08 ES-5.0
    TZ-5.0 V3-5.0- left B5 V3-5.0- right TO-5.0 TO-5.0 (integrated) YC-5.08
    EK-5.08 TU-5.08 TI-5.0 (dual card slot) TI-5.0 (integrated) B6 TI-7.5 (dual card slot) TI-7.62 (integrated)
    YD-5.0 (first layer) TD-5.08 (first layer) vI-5.0-180D BI-5.0-90D BI-5.08-180D BI-5.08-90D
    BI-5.08-180D (integrated) BI-5.08-90D (integrated) BI-7.5-180D BI-7.5-90D VJ-5.0-180D
    VJ-5.0-90D (integrated) VJ-5.08-180D VJ-5.08-180D (integrated) VJ-5.08-90D VJ-5.08-90D (integrated)
    VJ-7.5-180D VJ-5.0-90D VJ-5.0-180D (integrated) VJ-7.5-180D (integrated) VJ-7.5-90D VJ-7.5-90D (integrated)
    VJ-7.62-180D VJ-7.62-180D (integrated) VJ-7.62-90D VJ-7.62-90D (integrated) EQ-5.0 90D
    EQ-5.0 180D YE-5.0 (second layer) YE-5.0 (second layer) (integrated) B10 YE-5.08 (second layer)
    YE-5.08 (second layer) (integrated) YF-5.0 (third layer) YF-5.08 (third layer) YG-5.08 YS-5.0 (double layer) YS-5.08 (double layer)
    YL-5.0-L (YD + YE) YL-5.0-R (YD + YE) YL-5.08-L (YD + YE) YL-5.08-R (YD + YE) YM-5.0-L (YE + YF)
    YM-5.0-R (YE + YF) YM-5.08-L (YE + YF) YM-5.08-R (YE + YF) EB-5.0 (staggered) B12 EB-5.0 (parallel)
    EB-5.08 (staggered) EB-5.08 (parallel) YB-5.08 (integrated) YN-5.0 (YD + YE + YF) YN-5.08 (YD + YE + YF)
    YH-5.0 (three layers) YH-5.08 (three layers) B13 YI-5.08 (four layers) KP-6.35 (staggered) KP-6.35 (type A) KP-6.35 (type B)
    T7-6.35 T7-6.35-45D T7-7.62 T7-9.52 B14 T7-9.52-45D KO-9.52 (single row) KO-9.52 (staggered) VV-6.35 (double layer)
    VV-9.52 (double layer) KQ-10.16 VP-10.16 (single leg) VP-10.16 (two-leg type A) VP-10.16 (two-leg type B)
    VP-10.16 (double-row interlaced) VP-12.7 (two-legged) VP-12.7 (two-legged A) VP-12.7 (two-legged B)
    VP-12.7 (double-row staggered) EJ-19.0 EI-15.0 (integrated) EI-15.0 (with ears / integrated) E4 integrated V4 integrated VT-5.08

    Locking screws for plug-in terminal blocks:
    TH-3.5 TH-3.5 (integrated) TH-3.81 TH-3.81 (integrated) TT-3.5 TT-3.81 TH-3.5 (integrated)
    TH-5.0 TH-5.0 (integrated) TT-5.0 TT-5.0 (integrated) TT-5.0 (integrated / round wire hole) TY-5.0 (integrated) VG-5.0 (integrated)
    EO-5.0 (integrated) EP-5.0 EH / OP-3.5 OP-3.5 OP-3.81 OP-5.0 OP-5.0-looper
    OP-8.0 EX-5.0 KG-5.0 E2-3.5 TJ-3.5 TJ-3.5 (with ears) VD-3.81
    VD-3.81 (with ear) TJ-3.81 TJ-3.81 (with ear) TJ3.5 & 3.81 (with handle) TJ5.0 5.08 (with handle) TJ-5.0 (lower contact type)
    TJ-5.0 (with ear / under contact)
    TJ-5.0 (upper contact) TJ-5.0 (upper / upper contact) EZ-5.0 EZ-5.0 (upper) EZ-5.08
    EZ-5.08 (low back type with ear) VR-5.08 (low contact type) VR-5.08 (under ear contact type) VR-5.08 (upper contact type) VR-5.08 (over ear type) TJ-5.08 ( Bottom contact type) TJ-5.08 (under ear contact type)
    TJ-5.08 (upper contact) TJ-5.08 (upper contact) TJ-7.5 TJ-7.5 (upper) TJ-7.62 TJ-7.62 (upper) VB-7.62 VB-7.62 (upper) ET- 7.62 ET-7.62 (with ear) ET-7.62 (with handle) EV-7.62 EV-7.62 (with ear) EV-7.62 (with handle) TS-3.5-A TS-3.5-A (with ear) TS- 3.5-B TS-3.5-B (with ears) TS-3.81-A TS-3.81- (with ears) TS-3.81-B TS-3.81-B (with ears) TS-5.0-A TS-5.0-A ( (With ears) TS-5.0-B TS-5.0-B (with ears) TS-5.08-A TS-5.08-A (with ears) TS-5.08-B TS-5.08-B (with ears) TS-7.5-A TS-7.5-A (with ears) TS-7.5-B TS-7.5-B (with ears) TS-7.62-A TS-7.62-A (with ears) TS-7.62-B TS-7.62-B (with ears) ) VM-3.5 VM-3.5 (with ears) VM-3.81 VM-3.81 (with ears) VM-5.0 VM-5.0 (with ears) VM-5.08 VM-5.08 (with ears) VM-5.08- (low back type) VM-5.08- (low-back type with ear) VM-7.5- (low-back type) VM-7.5- (low-back type with ear) VM-7.62- (low-back type) VM-7.62- (low-back type with ear) ) EM-5.0 EM-5.0 (with ears) EM-5.08 EM-5.0 8 (with ears) EM-7.5 EM-7.5 (with ears) EM-7.62 EM-7.62 (with ears) EL-3.5-180D (closed SMT) EL-3.5-90D (closed SMT) EL-3.5-180D (with ear SMT) EL-3.5-90D (with ear SMT) EL-3.5-180D (open DIP) EL-3.5-90D (open DIP) V E-3.81-180D (closed) VE-3.81-90D (closed) VE-3.81-180D (open) VE-3.81-90D (open) VE-3.81-180D (with ears) VE-3.81-90D (Eared) OQ-2.5-180D OQ-2.5-90D OQ-3.5-180D OQ-3.5-90D OQ-3.5-180D (Eared) OQ-3.5-90D (Eared) OQ-3.81-180D OQ-3.81 -180D (with ear) OQ-3.81-90D OQ-3.81-90D (with ear) OQ-5.0-180D (closed) OQ-5.0-180D (open) OQ-5.0-180D (with ear) OQ-5.0 -90D (closed) OQ-5.0-90D (open) OQ-5.0-90D (with ears) OQ-5.08-180D (closed) OQ-5.08-180D (open) OQ-5.08-180D (with ears) ) OQ-5.08-90D (closed) OQ-5.08-90D (open) OQ-5.08-90D (with ears) VS-5.08-180D (closed) VS-5.08 (with ears) VS-5.08-90D ( (Closed) VS-5.08-90D (with ear) OQ-7.5-180D (closed) OQ-7.5-180D (open) OQ-7.5-180D (with ear) OQ-7.5-90D (closed) OQ- 7.5-90D (open) OQ-7.5-90D (with ears) OQ-7.62-180D (closed) OQ-7.62-180D (open) OQ-7.62-180D (ear) OQ-7.62-90D (closed) Type) OQ-7.62-90D (open type) OQ-7.62-90D (with ear) VK-3.5-45D VK-3.5-45D (with ear) VK-3.81-45D VK-3.81-45D (with ear) VK- 5.0-45D (closed) VK-5.0-45D (open Type) VK-5.0-45D (with ear) VK-5.08-45D (closed) VK-5.08-45D (open) VK-5.08-45D (with ear) VC-7.62-90D VC-7.62-90D (with Ear nut type) VC-7.62-180D VC-7.62-180D (nut type with ear) VC-7.62-180D (wall type with ear) EW-10.16-180D (closed type) EW-10.16-180D (with ear) EW-10.16-90D (below closed pcb) EW-10.16-90D (above closed pcb) EW-10.16-90D (below pcb with ears) EW-10.16-90D (above pcb with ears) EU-5.0-3P right EU-5.0-3P left EU-5.0-4P right EU-5.0-4P left NC-5.0-90D NC-5.0-180D NC-5.0-90D (with error prevention plug protection slot) NC-5.0-180D (with error prevention (Insert protection slot)
    VZ-3.81 VZ-5.08 KE-3.5-180D (closed) KE-3.5-90D (closed) KE-3.5-180D (with ears) KE-3.5-90D (with ears) KE-3.5-180D (with card Buckle) KE-3.5-90D (with snap) VL-2.5-180D (closed) VL-2.5-90D (closed) VL-3.5-180D (closed) VL-3.5-90D (closed) VL- 3.5-180D (with ears) VL-3.5-90D (with ears) VL-3.5-180D (closed type B) VL-3.5-90D (closed type B) VL-3.5-180D (ear type B) VL -3.5-90D (ear type B) VL-3.81-180D VL-3.81-90D VL-3.81-180D (ear) VL-3.81-90D (ear) VL-5.0-180D (closed) VL-5.0 -180D (with ear) VL-5.0-180D (closed) VL-5.0-90D (with ear) VL-5.08-180D (closed) VL-5.08-180D (with ear) VL-5.08-90D (closed) ) VL-5.08-90D (with ear) VF-5.0-180D (closed) VF-5.0-180D (open) VF-5.0-180D (with ear) VF-5.0-90D (closed) VF-5.0- 90D (open) VF-5.0-90D (with ears) VF-5.08-180D (closed) VF-5.08-180D (open) VF-5.08-180D (with ears) VF-5.08-90D (closed) VF-5.08-90D (open) VF-5.08-90D (with ears) VO-3.5-180D (closed) VO-3.5-180D (with ears) VO-3.5-90D (closed) VO-3.5-90D (With ear) VO-3.81-180D (closed) VO-3.81-180D ( Ear) VO-3.81-90D (closed) VO-3.81-90D (with ears) V7-3.5-180D V7-3.5-180D (with ears) V7-3.5-90D V7-3.5-90D (with ears) V7- 3.81-180D V7-3.81-180D (with ears) V7-3.81-90D V7-3.81-90D (with ears) V7-5.0-180D V7-5.0-180D (with ears) V7-5.0-90D V7-5.0-90D (With ears) V7-5.08-180D V7-5.08-180D (with ears) V7-5.08-90D V7-5.08-90D (with ears) V7-7.5-180D V7-7.5-180D (with ears) V7-7.5- 90D V7-7.5-90D (with ears) V7-7.62-180D V7-7.62-180D (with ears) V7-7.62-90D V7-7.62-90D (with ears) KL-10.16-180D KL-10.16-180D (with Ear) KL-10.16-90D (above pcb) KL-10.16-90D (above pcb with ear) KL-10.16-90D (below pcb) KL-10.16-90D (below pcb with ear) V5-3.81 (flat bottom) V5 -3.81 (flat bottom with ear) V5-3.81 (rail fixed, type a) V5-3.81 (rail fixed, type a, with ear) V5-5.08 (flat bottom) V5-5.08 (flat bottom with ear) V5 -5.08 (track fixed, type a) V5-5.08 (track fixed, type a, with ear) V5-5.08 (track fixed, type b) V5-5.08 (track fixed, type b, with ear) V9 -5.08 (flat bottom) V9-5.08 (flat bottom with ear) V9-5.08 (rail fixed, type a) V9-5.08 (rail fixed Type, type a, with ears) V9-5.08 (track fixed type, type b) V9-5.08 (track fixed, type b, with ear) KI-3.81 KI-3.81 (with ears) KI-3.81 (high back type) ) KI-3.81 (high-backed type with ears) KI-5.08 KI-5.08 (high-back type) KI-5.08 (high-back type) KI-5.08 (high-back type with ears) AO-3.81 (1.0-1.2MM)
    AO-5.08 (1.5-2.0) AO-5.08 (2.0-2.7) V8-3.81 (without ear) V8-3.81 (with nut on ear) V8-3.81 (with screw on ear) V8-5.08 (without ear) V8- 5.08 (nut type) V8-5.08 (screw type) V8-7.62 (no ear type) V8-7.62 (nut type) V8-7.62 (screw type) KK-10.16 KK-10.16 (type) ) KK-10.16 (screw type with ear handle) KK-10.16 (nut type with ear handle) KK-10.16 (nut type with ear handle) KF-3.5 KF-5.0 KF-7.5 VH-5.08 VH-5.08 (with ear ) EY-5.08 KJ-10.16 KR-5.0 (with hook) KR-5.0 (without hook) TX-5.0 (square wire hole)

    Lockless screws for plug-in terminal blocks:
    HI-5.0 (with hook) HI-5.0 (with hook) HI-5.0 (with hook) HI-5.0 (with ears) HI-7.5 (with hook) HI-7.5 (with hook) HI-7.5 (With clip) HI-7.5 (with ear) HI-7.62 (with hook) HI-7.62 (with clip angle) HI-7.62 (with clip) HI-7.62 (with ear) HN-5.08 HN-5.08 ( With ears) HP-3.81 HP-3.81 (with ears) HP-5.08 HP-5.08 (with ears) KD-3.5 KD-3.5 (with ears) KD-3.5 (with snaps) HW-2.5 HW-3.5 HW-3.5 (With ear) HW-3.81 HW-3.81 (with ear) HW-5.0 (under contact) HW-5.0 (under contact with ear) HW-5.0 (up contact) HW-5.0 (over ear contact) HW-5.08 (bottom contact) HW-5.08 (bottom contact) HW-5.08 (top contact) HW-5.08 (top contact) HW-5.08 (center contact) HW-5.08 (front) Center contact type) HW-7.5 (lower contact type) HW-7.5 (lower contact type) HW-7.62 (lower contact type) HW-7.62 (lower contact type) H4-5.0 A surface H4-5.0A surface With ear H4-5.0 B side H4-5.0B side with ear H4-5.08-A side H4-5.08-A side with ear H4-5.08-B side H4-5.08-B side with ear H5-3.5 H5-3.5 with ear Nut type H5-3.5 with ear screw type H5-3.81 H5-3.81 with ear nut type H5-3.81 with ear screw type H5-5.0 H5-5.0 with ear nut type H5-5.0 with ear screw H5-5.08 H5-5.08 with ear nut H5-5.08 with ear screw H5-7.5 H5-7.5 with ear nut H5-7.5 with ear screw H5-7.62 H5-7.62 with ear nut H5-7.62 with ear Screw type NB-5.0 NB-5.0 (with ears) NB-5.0 (with anti-misinsertion protection slot) NB-5.0 (with ears and anti-misinsertion protection slot) NB-5.0 (with fixing pin) NB-5.0 (with anti- Incorrectly inserted protection slot has fixing pins) ND-3.5 ND-5.0 ND-7.5

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